Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Day in History December 25, 354 (maybe)

I am sure that today's title throws you--it does me, too. One site assured me that the first definite date that Christmas was celebrated on December 25 was this date in 357.  Three sites say 354.  And other sites give even more dates.  I am not honestly sure, I must admit.

And maybe I don't really care.  After all, Christmas is not truly the date of Jesus's birth.  And we aren't even commanded to remember His birth, are we?  And just look at what Christmas has become!

Don't worry, I still love Christmas.  I still celebrate it.  I even put up decorations and give Christmas presents.  I will even say "Happy Holidays" and not be offended.  After all, we celebrate more than one holiday this time of year--Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah, Kawanza, and more.  So there is nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays, as far as I am concerned.

The thing I always come back to is that without the birth of Christ, you can't have his death/resurrection.  I don't like the commercialism that has become associated with Christmas.  Goodness, I don't even really want to be with my family on Christmas this year (pretty pathetic, I know).  But I can thank God for His incomparable gift of Jesus Christ without Whom I would be lost.  Literally!

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