Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Day in History January 1, 1502

Doesn't it look breathtaking even if it a little crowded?  I say let's go t here now!  Well, we have the Portuguese to thank for discovering this beautiful place on this date in 1502.  If you haven't guessed the site yet, it is none other than Rio de Janiero, Brazil!

Because it was discovered on the first of January as the Portuguese entered Guanabara Bay, and this bay was considered the mouth of the river, they named this place in honor of the day--Rio de Janiero or January River.  Andres Goncalves is the one credited with making the discovery.

However, at least one site calls this merely "tradition."  It is suggested that it was a couple years later in 1504 when the area was truly discovered Gonçalo Coelho.  All I can say is, who knows?  And when it comes down to it, what does it matter.

Bottom line, Rio was discovered, and just looking at the picture will confirm that no matter what, tourism has not died there!  

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