Friday, December 2, 2011

New Skin Share the Outdoors Sweepstakes

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Have you ever gotten a cut in an inconvenient place?  Maybe you cut your finger, and putting a bandage on it is impractical.  Or maybe you are like my daughter--an avid swimmer.  We all know that bandages fall off in the water.  Just last week, my cat reached out and scratched my finger.  I tried to ignore it, but it bled.  And it hurt a lot. And a regular bandage just didn't work for me.

New Skin has an entire line of products for situations just like this.  I am completely familiar with New Skin's Liquid Bandage.  This is staple in our family.  It is used when we get a cut in an inconvenient place--my fingers and hands are notorious for this.  New Skin Liquid Bandage stings like crazy when you first put it on a fresh cut, but I have to say that it works!  Within a few days of regular use, the sore is gone.  It even works on cracked skin that has bled.

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I did not realize that New Skin has a whole line of products that meet specific needs like this.  They also have Scar Fade and Poison Ivy Treatment.  I cannot tell you how much I need products like these!  I was severely bitten by a dog last year, and so you can imagine what kind of scars I have.  Though I have not used this particular product, since New Skin is the the brand, I can certainly recommend it.  We also have a lot of poison ivy and other poisonous plants on our property, and we always struggle to find products to help with itching.  I can assume that this product of theirs would work well also.  In fact, I plan to do some research on where I can buy these because I trust the New Skin Brand.


The really exciting news about New Skin is that they have a cool sweepstakes promotion going on right now that you can enter!  They are offering three fantastic prizes:  a skiing trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, a tour of the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia, or a hunting trip in Yellowstone Park, Montana.  Can you imagine winning any of these prizes, or surprising the outdoors person in you life with one of these fabulous trips?  To sweeten the deal, New Skin will also give a New Skin waterproof container to the first 500 entries!  So if I were you, I would hurry up and enter!

I  am sure you wonder how you can enter and win these prizes.  All you need to do is complete the entry form on their sweepstakes link and have your friend and family members visit the sweepstakes page.  You can earn up to five votes per day if they do this for you, and the more votes you receive, the better your chances of winning.  As we always say when it comes to giveaways: Someone has to win.  Why should it not be you?

I would love for each of you who reads this post to comment on why you would like to win and how you might use the New Skin products if you win.  And as an added bonus, share your link to your giveaway entry.  This will make it easier for us to vote for you.  I will vote for all the links that I can, so don't be shy!  And I have such wonderful readers, so I bet they will vote for you, too!

So what are you waiting for?  Go enter now before your shot at winning passes you by.  And if anyone wnat to share their experiences with New Skin products, I would love to read that, too!

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