Monday, December 19, 2011

This Day in History December 20, 1812

This day's history fact comes with some controversy, so this should make for interesting reading for some of you.  The majority of historians agree that on this date in 1812, Sacagawea died.  You might remember her as the guide/interpreter for Lewis and Clark.  Indeed, she was a remarkable. woman.

There are discrepancies for sure concerning when she was born--maybe 1784 or 1788.  It does seem to be true that when she was about 12, she was kidnapped and taken to North Dakota.  It was a year later when she was forced to marry Charbonneau, a controlling, abusive, polygamous French trapper.

Between 1804 and 1806, she was an integral part of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  She did not even slow down withe the birth of her first son in 1805.  I know I can remember those pictures of her carrying her papoose on her back.

In 1810, she gave birth to her daughter, and evidence seems to suggest that she died of unknown causes in 1812.  Some believe that there is evidence that she left her husband in 1812 and married into a Comanche tribe.  Then the rumor is that she returned to her Shoshone people in 1884 and died at the age of about 100.

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