Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Remembering You Holiday MEME

I know I don't usually do this, but when I saw that author Tricia Goyer was doing a MEME that would give me a chance to win a prize, well, I thought I would go ahead and post this.  Here is the info from her site:

Here's how it will work…post and answer the below questions on your blog or Facebook. Then either tag specific people or tag your readers/friends (so they will answer share and answer the questions too). Then come back here and fill out the linky (below - under the photo where it says CLICK HERE TO ENTER). Easy.

1. What's your favorite holiday song?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is O Holy Night.  I never tire of hearing people sing this.  I never tire of hearing it myself.

2. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

I guess I would say holiday baking.  Baking special things for the holidays is always special.

3. If you could travel one place with an elderly family member where would you go?

That is a tough one.  I don't really have any elderly family members left alive.  My grandmother still is, but she is not in the best of health.  I guess I would say Germany since I know we have lots of family ties there.

4. What questions would you ask?

I think I have asked lots of questions of elderly relatives over the years.  I would want them to tell me about their relationship with God.  That is something elderly people do not always like to speak about.

5. What is a non-tangible gift have you received from an elderly relative?

I guess I would say time.  That is what my grandfather always gave me, and it helped shape me into the person I now am.

6. What is the best/worst/strangest gift you've received from an elderly relative?

The best gift--going to Disney World over Spring Break when I was in college.  By far the best!

Want your chance to win a prize pack?  Ten will be chosen to receive a 4-prize pack of Tricia Goyer books.   Do your own blog post or post on facebook your answers to these questions.  Do it before December 22nd!


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