Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Say Anything Family Version Game Review

I am extremely pleased to bring you a review of a fantastic family game that I was privileged to try.  It is Say Anything which is made by North Star Games.  I had heard of this game, but I had never had the opportunity to try it.  I jumped at the chance, and the day it came in, my daughter, best friend, and I got to play the game.
My mom was kind of on the outside looking in while we were playing, but since we were able to play with 3 people, I figured we would give it a go.

My daughter is eight, and my best friend is 38--Martin from England.  Then you have me who is 37.  Martin and Martha (my daughter) love to play video games, and often Martin will only play Monopoly when it comes to board games.  So I was not 100 percent sure that I could get him to play the game.  But I figured we would give it a try, and he seemed up for it.

From the moment we opened the game, Martin and Martha acted like 2-year-olds.  They were having more fun writing messages back and forth on the little dry erase memo boards.  In fact, it was hard to get them focused on the game!  I think the creators of the game could have saved themselves a lot of time by just furnishing dry erase memo boards and dry erase markers for people to play with!!  Just kidding--the game was great!

I enjoyed the questions that were asked.  It was often difficult to decide which answer was the best.  The entire premise of the game was to have someone ask a question from the stack--usually something very thought-provoking and fun--and the others answer the questions on the dry erase board.  The person who asks the question secretly picks which answer they like the best, and then the others have to guess which one the "judge" picked.  That is how one scores points in the game.

I like the fact that the game is not incredibly competitive.  I did end up winning, but only be two points.  It was only two points between first and third place.  I also liked the fact that the game was quick.  I get tired of games that you really have to work and think hard, and then they take forever!

I already have plans made to get Martha and two friends to play the game--I am sure they would love it!  Oh, and in case you were wondering, they played with the memo boards at the end of the game!  Talk about an unruly bunch!

There is certainly time for you to get this game for Christmas.  This is the perfect game for the family to play.  It is nice to get away from the TV and video games for a while.  I would highly recommend it for a fun evening!


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