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Top 10 Book Boyfriends 2011

Day 3 of Top 10 of 2011--this one is a stretch for me as well.  But only because I have never really written about it.  There are many times that I read through books and wish with all my heart that I could have a husband or boyfriend like the guy in the book!  So I think this one will be fun.  Again. I am only featuring books I read this year, so there may be repeats.

John Stark of Hot Wheels and High Heels by Jane Graves
John Stark is an ex-cop, and he knows how to show Darcy a good time.  The sex scenes in this book were hot.  I don't usually condone sex scenes--especially those outside of marriage--but these were at least tasteful.  And the two got married, so what I can I say?  While John had his issues--he didn't trust Darcy at times to do what she knew she could accomplish.  But he learned to treat her the right way, and if he were my boyfriend and then husband, I would certainly be willing to take the time to "train" him!

Lucas Clairmont of Mistletoe Magic by Sophia James
Lucas Clairmont, indeed a reckless man who knows how to show a lady a good time.  He wrecked Lillian Davenport's "perfect" marriage because she liked the way he kissed.  She could not bring herself to be honest with her feelings.  And although he "ruined" her, he married her and discovered he truly did love her before it was too late!  If he is a good enough kisser to make a woman forget every other man on earth, I would say he fits the bill.  And he never took advantage of her.

Jefferson Ames of Secrets by Jude Deveraux
Jefferson is an absolute idiot throughout most of the story, but then not everything is what it seems.  He loves Cassandra, but he struggles to tell her.  While he tends to take her services as nanny for granted, at least he realizes his mistake before it's too late.  If he was handsome enough to catch a 12-year-old girl's heart for life, he can't be too bad.  And in spite of his serious job, he does know how to have fun.  Sure, I'd take him.  Men do tend to be dumb in areas of the heart.

Julian, Earl of Wyndham of Scandal Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee
Julian, a reckless man who marries Nell (and rescues her).  Because of the hastiness of the marriage, he gives her all the room she needs.  But love does indeed grow.  Julian is not perfect, but he always treats Nell with great care and respect.  And he believes her dreams.  Which help to solve a mystery.  His bedroom manner is outstanding, and I would not complain if he were my husband!

David Schlosser of Called Home: Two Hearts Answer by Gloria Schumann
I liked David from the moment he walked into the story. I loved his sense of humor even more than Emma's. I love the way David cares for her and watches over her even when she is not receptive to it.  She fights him tooth and nail.  I sure wouldn't have!  If David showed me some kindness, I would throw a lot his way!

Walter Hartright from The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
Walter falls in love with Laura (who is already promised to another).  He is her drawing instructor, and though heartbroken, he does the right thing and leaves.  But he never gives up on her.  He risks his life to save hers.  He makes her stronger by his strength and belief in her.  I love the way that years later, he still loves her.  And he does not fault her for anything.  He loves her and cherishes her.  I would love to have a wonderful guy like him!  Even if I had to wait a lifetime.

Marc Darcett of How to Seduce a Scoundrel by Vicki Dreiling
Let it be understood that Marc is an absolute rake.  He has so many conquests that I don't think you can itemize them!  But he agrees to be Julianne's guardian for the season.  I would sure let him be mind any day!  I love the fact that these two have fun together--even in bed after they are married.  He is willing to do the honorable thing when he ruins her, but he then realizes he actually loves her.  Typical guy!  I would love to be with a guy like this.  He never pressured her in the physical area at all even though they "got it on."  My kind of guy!

Edmund Bertram of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Edmund is the only one who ever truly cares about Fanny's feelings from the beginning.  Yes, he is sidetracked by another lady, but he and Fanny always have a special relationship.  He always treats her with great respect.  And the love between them is so sweet and grows over a number of years.  Sure, he can have me!

Jaden of A Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon
Yes, I liked Jaden from the beginning.  Though older than Tea, I was so happy when they finally allowed themselves to fall in love!  He thought of her and tried to squash the feelings he had.  Very noble, but thankfully he came to his senses.  He always cared about Tea, and he helped her when he could.  He showed her love and tenderness, and he interceded on her behalf more than once.  And he never pressured her in the physical area.  While she decided she wanted to go ahead and get physical, he was kind to her and never pushed to hard.  Sure, he can have me, too!  I also loved the fun they had together!  He was pathetic when he tried to give her up.


No contest--Dillon Black is the one I would absolutely pick above any of them.  His personality grabbed me from this first, and he must have been pretty doggone handsome, too!  He treats Kelly like a queen, and they always have such fun together.  There are complications.  Sometimes you think he is being mean.  But in the end, it all comes together.  He loves her and gives her the room she needs.  He is my kind of guy, and I sure wish he were real!  And that I had him all to myself!

I really enjoyed this.  I look forward to linking up.  And to the next post--top characters!


  1. My favorite book boyfriend of 2011 was Ezra from the short story "Sparks" by Anna Meadows, inside 'Steamlust' edited by Kristina Wright. In this steampunk romance, Ezra has working-class Victorian charm...and a neat little lightning trick he can do with his calloused fingers.

  2. And again you chose to be so different from all the rest! I love it. *grin*

    I think I should really make a list with books you've read or recommend and check all of them out.


  3. Your list is different from the rest. The covers alone are attention grabbing, much less the guys!

    Jez's Bookcase


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