Friday, December 14, 2012

Carefully-Selected Wedding Invitations

When I was planning my wedding, I spent some significant time trying to pick out the ideal wedding invitations.  I carefully and thoughtfully picked out the images and the wording of the invitation because I knew that the invitation would set the stage for my wedding.  When selecting invitations, you want to consider the impression you want your potential guests to have.

One of the most important parts of your invitation may very well be your RSVP cards.  I will admit that I did not add these to my wedding invitations, and in retrospect, I wish I had.  I was somewhat disappointed when less people showed up to the actual wedding ceremony and reception than I planned on.  We had a surplus of food, and I think that adding these essential cards would have made all the difference.  Consider carefully what you should include on these cards because they are effective communication tools between you and your prospective guests.  Be sure to have a place for your attendees to put their names, contact information, and how many will be attending.  However, I would also suggest adding a few more items to keep any potential problems from spoiling your perfect day.  Give careful consideration to adding allergy information, meal choice, ages of guests, and anything else that may aid in your planning process.

There is one more thing to examine when it comes to invitations, and this is a necessary part of the process that will require some research on your part.  The wording of your invitations needs to follow traditional rules.  The last thing you want to do is be unclear or offensive with your invitations.  Check out guiding questions in your research process.

  • Who will be hosting the nuptial celebrations?
  • Will both families be equally involved, or will it just be one family?
  • Who is paying for the wedding?  
These questions are the first step to deciding how to word your wedding invitations.  Take your time in finding out appropriate wedding etiquette so that your perfect Weddingstar invitations are not ruined by poor wording.


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