Friday, December 14, 2012

LeLe Pets Holiday Giveaway (Ends 12/30)U.S.

Lelepets Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to Lelepets Holiday Giveaway!!

Special shout out to our wonderful co hosts
There are hundreds of daily deal sites worldwide that offer great discounts on clothes, home furnishings, beauty products, toys, and electronic gadgets. Whatever you need, you can most probably get from these sites at less than half of its retail price. is one such deal site but what sets it apart from all the rest is that it offers deals solely for pet products.
Pet lovers will definitely be delighted with this daily deal site that is dedicated exclusively to our most-loved pets. Now you can get your fave pets high-quality brilliantly designed pet products at very affordable prices. LeLePets members get full access to daily deals that can get them up to 70% off designed inspired pet products. is exclusive for members only. However, membership IS FREE and you can get exclusive access to the site by requesting membership with a valid email address.
If your schedule is too busy and you just can’t find time to check the site daily, fret not ‘cause LeLePets will send you a daily or weekly newsletter via email to keep you updated with the current and upcoming fab deals. That way, you’ll never miss that deal you’ve been long waiting for.
I’m certain you’re excited to go shopping for cute and adorable accessories for your lovable pets. Well, how would you like to get some free credits to use on your shopping spree? Join my giveaway by telling me what your favorite item is on LeLePets. There are always new deals daily so your choice may change every day as well. Join below for more chances of winning.

I have a dog who would love this, and I bet you either have a dog or know someone who does.  What a perfect gift, and a perfect way to begin the new year!


Grand Prize: Fatboy Pet bed + $50 Lelepets GC Consolation Prize : $50 GC (2 winners) a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would like the Unique Odor/Stain Eliminator. Thanks!

  2. LOL, the Toru Butthole Sniffers jacket is too funny! I'd get that, particularly since I like the band The Butthole Surfers.

  3. I would've liked to get one of the subscriptions (Bark or Cat Fancy) today, but I was too late. :(

  4. The DoggySnooze beds look great!

  5. Dogma the Zen of Slobber looked pretty cool.


  6. Dogma Zen of Slobber looks like something I would like, LOL! Thanks!

  7. I would consider getting the "Piddle Place". I have a Chihuahua who can't hold it for as long as I'm at work. I have one potty pad and need another (she goes in two different spots). Thanks!


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