Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding Favors: Mementos of Love

In recent times, it has become increasingly popular to give wedding guests a special thank-you gift or keepsake in honor of their attendance of your special day.  These wedding favors can be as simple or as extravagant as you want.  No matter what style you choose to give your attendees, know that Weddingstar has affordable, quality favors to match every style, theme, and decor you so choose.

If you really wish to give your guests something meaningful, you might consider personalized wedding favors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what type of favor you choose, and you can highlight practically anything you want your guests to remember about you as a couple.  Customize the printing of stickers or tags, and/or place a custom order for a candy tin or a matchbook or anything you set your mind to.  Contact the design team at Weddingstar tailor-make something that will remind your family and friends of the great love you both share.

Oftentimes favors are thrown away after a party or a special day because there is no practical use for them.  If you select something that has a practical use, you may find that your guests are not as wont to throw it away.  They may wish to display it or continue to use it as a lasting memory of your fantastic ceremony.  Furthermore, wedding favors can frequently double as decorations for your reception tables and centerpieces.  Think of how impressed your guests will be when they realize that they get to take home such a delightful, pragmatic favor that will be a constant reminder of the love that you and yours share together.

Frugality is often the key thing a couple consider when planning a wedding.  Very often, the prevailing thought is that one must sacrifice quality for economy.  With Weddingstar, that is not an accurate assessment.  Thankfully, their fine design team is able to create the perfect wedding favor that looks much more expensive than it is. With them on your side, you are certain to find the ideal wedding favor that will be a lasting testament to the true love you share.


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