Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wedding Invitations For the Special Touch

There is nothing like special, personalized wedding invitations.  When you send them out to your guests, they receive valuable information about your upcoming celebration, and they get a sense for what your special day will be like.  Many times, you will want to find a wedding invitation that matches your theme and style, but there are times when you would rather surprise your guests by using a more generic invitation.  No matter what you choose, this invitation will probably be the first notice that your guests receive about your nuptials.  Don't underestimate the power of first impressions.  There have been times I have decided not to go to a wedding because of a haphazard invitation that I received, and the opposite has also been true.

When you send out a wedding invitation, there are many things to consider.  
  • What will you include on your RSVP cards?
  • How will you word your invitations?
  • What is the appropriate etiquette for wedding invitations?
These and other questions must be asked.  Be sure to do your research.  There is nothing worse than offending your prospective guests (not to mention your family and future family members) by not following proper protocol on your wedding invitations.  

The information you choose to include on your RSVP cards can potentially keep unforeseen circumstances from cropping up at your celebration.  In addition to the customary contact information and number of guests attending, consider adding the following:
  • choice of meal
  • ages of guests
  • food allergies
If you include this information on the RSVP cards, think of all the problems you can avoid before the reception even occurs!  Be as creative and detailed as you would like, and in the end, your guests will thank you.

No matter what kind of invitations you choose to send, Weddingstar carries the perfect invitation for your ceremony.  And you always know that with Weddingstar that your invitations will be high quality but affordable. And no one will question your taste.  Quality invitations will give your ceremony that touch of class that will set it apart.


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