Friday, December 7, 2012

Sweet Flower Flower Girl Baskets For the Littlest Member of Your Wedding Party

Picking out the outfits and accessories for my flower girls in my wedding was one of the most fun parts of planning my wedding.  My two nieces were very young at the time, and we decided to give them the chance to both be flower girls.  And I never regretted it.  But it did provide a special situation.  We needed a special flower girl basket that would allow both of them to walk down the aisle together.  I happened upon an idea that involved a basket and ivy garland that kept them together as they walked the aisle.  This was only one of many ideas we could have chosen, but it definitely achieved the effect and impact that we desired.  My flower girls' basket was practically the piece de resistance at my ceremony.

Again, no matter what your theme, Weddingstar has a vast assortment of flower girl baskets that is bound to fit with your style.  Everyone will smile in delight when they see the little princess of the wedding floating down the aisle as she drops flower petals from her basket that is adorned with bows, lace, ribbon, or some other "girly" embellishments.  You can add your own flowers or even enhance it with some other kind of decoration to truly personalize it for your ceremony.  Flower girl baskets are the perfect excuse for you to go "over the top," but with Weddingstar as your number one source for wedding accessories, you won't have to break the bank to do it.

Money is probably the chief concern when it comes to planning a wedding.  You can be grateful that Weddingsar offers accessories that are affordable but don't look cheap.  Their design team pays attention to detail without charging you an outrageous price. Since flower girl baskets are being carried by a little girl and are not necessarily built to last, it is important to find a flower girl basket  that fits your theme, looks pleasant, and still looks classy.  It is easy enough to get a basic flower girl basket and truly make it your own by decorating it yourself in any way you so choose.

Although flower girl baskets are a small detail, they can make a world of difference to the little girl who will be preceding the bride down the aisle.  While it is nice to get something that will match your wedding, think of what will make your little flower girl a princess.  Flower girl baskets will certainly demand attention merely because of the girl who is carrying them.  Pick the perfect basket from Weddingstar, and you are certain to create a memorable moment for everyone at the wedding.


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