Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Day in History, December 8 (25th of Kislev)

I thought I would take a moment to spotlight Hanukkah today because today at sundown, this Jewish celebration will begin.  It is always on a different date for us, but according to the Jewish calendar, it is always on the 25th of Kislev.  We have to go back to 165 B.C. when the Jews rededicated the temple.  What happened?  The Jews defeated their enemy, and the lamp in the temple needed some oil. There was only enough for one day, but the supply could not be replenished for eight days.  And according to tradition, a miracle occurred.  There was enough oil for the lamp to burn for eight days.  There is much more to the story, but that is the main thing that is celebrated.

While I won't be celebrating this holiday, I hope that any Jews out there will have a wonderful Hanukkah this year, and may Jews the world over have a time peace during this season.

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